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released January 31, 2016

All songs written by HEKTIK.

Recorded and mixed by Andi Sommer.



all rights reserved


HEKTIK Berlin, Germany


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Track Name: Black
I’m craving for sleep.
deadbeat, writhing in my bed.
But incoherent thoughts
drag me through the hours.

Endless nights melt into
an everlasting blink.
And watch hands clap
To the beat of grinding teeth.

Cold sweat, fast breath,
Everything rotates.
My frantic heart races against
my exhausted body.

They say our fears
are hidden in the dark.
Under its cloak panic creeps
inside our ears.

The mirror exposes
A pale shadow.
I never felt this miserable.
So why do I smile?
Track Name: Groundhog Wreck
Kiss me. Taunt me. Beloved agony, feed me
With this coughing clumps of a corroding disease.


Once again, I open my eyes. Blank stares
to the ceiling, disgusting fetid fills my nostrils.
Rotten food, rotten clothes, rotten life.
I’m awake but I can’t remember why.

Funny, how the mind forgets to think so easy.
Color-blind in a world so dreary.

Get up. Take a piss. Go to work. Hate yourself.
Get home. Obey the screen. Swallow the bottles. Sleep. Repeat.

Slit me! Beat me! Abhorred agony, kill me!
Track Name: Abnegators
Leave him alone,
He deserves to die in the dark.

We’re just a bunch of failed fucks:
Unable to create something meaningful.
Unaware of our meaningless lifes.

Is it just me, or is your grudge grown cold?
Is it just you, or am I truly lost in cynic thoughts?

What are we truly, without all our feigned dreams?
Just hollow shells, mourning to be befouled..

Can’t bear it anymore, stop acting like second suns.
Unlearn these choked laughs, shred these costumes.
Present it to the world, your evil grin,
Honest disdain is the face of a god.
Track Name: Abortion
Hollow eyes.
Aimless stares.
Reflected by
kitchen’s knife.

Calm hands.
Tight grip.
Soft skin.
A deep breath.

I force the mirror onto my arm.
Move it deeper, until it opens
The fury gate, it releases
Warm blood, all over me.

Mother, father, look at me!
I’ll destroy your legacy.
Never felt this elation.
Denied existence.

Hissing water.
Naked body.
Closed eyes.
A deep breath
Track Name: Abyss
My shaking hand raises the detested cup.
It clanks an enchanting melody.
My cursed ambrosia, my dear guillotine.
It fills my putrid mouth.
The tongue winces in childish delight.
Red drips trickle down my chin.

My eyes gaze into nonentity.

One hard swallowing,
Nails biting in flesh.
My haggard body
shivers in spastic bliss.

The throat is on fire.
The stomach protests.
A tired sigh, as the room spins.
Just another one of countless
Intoxicated nights.

I know the purpose of life:
To die addicted.
These shards of glass I drank.
They mean everything to me.
No matter how deep the cuts,
This world will always shine brighter.
Track Name: Red
My stomach is a greedy mouth.
Sharp fangs are tearing apart my organs.
The pulse of my blood is bursting my head.
My mind explodes as I shout:
“Fuck my life, fuck my friends, fuck me!”

Furious energy flows through my veins.
I clench my fist and throw it
Against the wall, until I paint it red.

Reason was kicked, hit and broken.
A wretched thing, scorched by raging flames.
Without it I’m lost.
Without it I’m free.

I’ll burn everything to the ground. Mark my words.

Exhausted I look on my destroyed hand.
The skin is chopped off, the knuckles lay bare.
Slowly I fall on my trembling knees,
And draw four red stripes across my face.

The world will watch me burning out. Mark my words.